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Can abusers break their patterns?

Al Jazeera America: Alyce LaViolette, a domestic violence counselor for survivors and perpetrators, said that BIPs can catalyze small changes but that success has “a lot more to do with the person … than the program.” Dave Adams, a psychologist and the founder of Emerge, ...

Jodi Arias Trial: A Social Media Managed Soap Opera

Witnesses like domestic violence expert like Alyce LaViolette who deposed in the trial was subjected to digital battery, Twitter trials and intimidation. Juror 17 who cast the vote to spare Arias the noose is being threatened with death. The Arias ...

Jodi Arias sentenced to natural life in prison

USA TODAY: PHOENIX — Jodi Arias, who was convicted in 2013 for the 2008 murder of her lover, Travis Alexander, was sentenced Monday to natural life in prison after two juries could not reach an unanimous decision on whether to sentence her to death. Monday's ...

Jodi Arias spared death as jury deadlocks on sentence

USA TODAY: PHOENIX — Jodi Arias, the woman convicted of killing her boyfriend, will spend life in prison, not because of a jury sentence, but because a jury could not reach an unanimous verdict on whether to sentence her to death for the murder of her lover ...

On the Edge: Alyce LaViolette Talk

Alyce LaViolette Talk. The noted domestic violence expert gave a presentation about domestic violence and the Jodi Arias case in a talk from October 2013. There was no way that crime was premeditated. It was a classic case ...

The Best moments. of Juan Martinez vs Alyce Laviolette – Jodi Arias

You asked for them and we deliver ! More classic moments of prosecutor Juan Martinez grilling star defense witness Alyce Laviolette . Juan Martinez junkies will enjoy this.

Inside CSULB » Blog Archive » Global Fight Against Domestic

By Richard Manly. CSULB's Department of Psychology faculty members Alyce LaViolette and Courtney Ahrens joined the global fight against domestic violence when they participated in a U.S. State Department-sponsored ...


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